Paint Events keep growing in popularity and I am always looking for new cute spots (coffee shops, retail spaces) and restaurants to share in the success of this fun concept.


Painting events can turn a slow night at your space into a lucrative party, complete with paying (and painting) customers. At no charge to you, I can bring approximately 15-20 new customers to your venue on a quiet night to paint, eat, drink and have a good time!  A Win-Win-Win for everybody!  Contact me if you think your space would be suitable!

I will bring all the painting supplies needed for the evening, take care of setup and tear down, and best of all, NO MESS. I only use non-toxic, acrylic paints that can easily be cleaned with just water.

What you and your venue can expect:

  • Exposure to a new customer base (usually women, but guys definitely attend.

  • Bar sales will increase on traditionally slow nights as 15-20 attendees usually order 2 drinks

  • You can expect the event to last approximately 2.5 hours and usually start at 7:00 pm weeknights

  • I arrive 1 hour ahead of time to set up and stay approximately 1/2 hour afterwards to clean up. 

Venues that I have used in the past are:

Pie Guys Pizzeria - MacTurnbull

The Grounds Coffeehouse - St. Catharines

Zehrs Community Rooms

The Real Superstore Community Room