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Now it will be easier to decide what to wear to school!  Be The Office Lady who wears fun t-shirts for the students and staff to enjoy! You will receive a brand new t-shirt each month created for just for you!

Each shirt is designed by Leanne or her crafty peeps with you (the school secretary) in mind.  The tees are soft, wash well and are unisex sizing.

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It's never a dull day in the school office!

About me:

Hi there!  I'm Leanne Labiuk, a full-time School Secretary at a French Immersion school in Ontario, Canada.  There are 600 students and 40 staff members under our very busy roof.  I love my job and especially love when there are theme days.  It is usually the secretaries that lead the way on these days, so why not create some wearable fun for all of us to wear each month?  This idea sparked from me trying to find that fun shirt for these kinds of days.  This subscription is meant to be fun and just for you...the awesome School Secretary that you are!