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Wonder Woman is an inspiration to me.  Even though she is a fictional character, the boldness, beauty, leadership and power make me want to be like her.  For Halloween, I dress up like her every year, and love it!  Over the past couple years, she is like "my symbol".  I receive fun gifts from people such as pens, notepads, figures, clothing etc.  

As a result of this, I decided to try and paint her.  I had never painted a human before, so it was challenging.  In the end, I think she turned out beautifully and she hangs in my school office where everyone can see her and appreciate her.  To all the Wonder Women out there...keep being you!

bob ross.JPG


If you recognize him, you know why he inspires me!  His technique is one of a kind!  If I could only paint like him!



My parents have always supported me in everything I do.  My Dad recently passed away and I thank him for guiding me in the right follow my creativity.  He was there to help me sand wooden crates, make brush washing jars, and to bounce ideas off of.  When I paint, I often ask myself...would Dad approve?  Would he be proud?  The answer is definitely YES.  My Mom is eager to be involved in my events.  She suggests themes to paint, colours and is great at encouraging me.  She also is a good work of mouth promoter and attends a lot of my events!  I love them both dearly.



Donna Dewberry is the creator of the One Stroke Painting Technique.  She has built up an empire through this style of painting.  Watching her inspired me to become a Certified Instructor and continue to use this style in a lot of my paintings and at my events.  It's easy and fun too!

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