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A lot of people say to me: "I can't paint!  I can't even draw a stick figure!".  Well, that's entirely not true!  You Can Paint!  Let me show you how simple it is to let your creativity out, and have fun at the same time!

My Events - 


Larger events can be booked for minimum 8, maximum 15 people.  When you book a group of 8 or more, the host is FREE!

  • Corporate Groups

  • Team Building Activity

  • Birthday Parties

  • Home Parties

  • Staff Socials 

  • And More!

  • You provide the venue and refreshments/snacks and I bring all supplies, set-up and clean up for $20 - $25 per person!

Painting Events & Workshops

Home Parties, Corporate Groups, Team Building Activities, Staff Socials ($20-$25 per guest)


Get your group together for a fun time of painting, refreshments, goodies and fun!  

Everyone paints differently and interprets things in their own way.  It's interesting to see how the end results turn out!  There are always smiling faces.  The fee includes all supplies, set-up and clean up!

Birthday Parties ($10-$15 per guest)


This is a great idea for a birthday party!  Working with kids is my specialty, so let's talk about having an event like this for your child's celebration.  We paint on a smaller canvas than adult events.  With a booking of 10, the birthday person is free!  The fee includes all supplies, set-up and clean up!  Happy Birthday!  No need for a loot bag - their final product does the job perfectly!  

Chalk Couture Classes (various pricing)


Chalk Couture is something new that I have dabbled in.  You can come to a class and learn how to apply and use this cool, new product.  Email me for more details or go to my website:


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